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You can see in that same study how it was found that almost all singers are of male voice type, which gives us an important clue. So all the other female voices are the rarest, because all the females would all have been male singers. So the male voice is the rarest, and therefore the voice has a rarity with regard to its frequency and intensity. When you really think about it, the only kind of voice that has a rarity is the rarest female voice.

Now, in addition, when you think of the female singer’s voice, it’s an extremely feminine voice type which I think also has resonance in male singers and in people who prefer it. So my feeling is this idea that it has some resonance and it does make people feel very feminine, and it’s very feminine and very appealing to the listener in some way.

A woman was in New York in 2001, and she wanted to sing in different American jazz acts. They went to the recording studio and they heard her voice. That was the beginning of many years of playing the piano for women at that record studio, and then being on television and in TV shows. So this is a type of voice that women like very much.

So why do singers have a unique voice? Do they have a special set of physiology that makes them sing differently?

I think you have to look at the whole singer and the whole singer’s physiology and all the aspects of your physiology. I think most importantly is that singers have a wonderful voice, and that makes you happy and makes you feel good — and that is important. It doesn’t just mean that it is a good sound; it also means that it is a good vocal technique. If you are not happy, then you won’t get out of the recording studio — and for many singers, it’s very difficult for them. And there are many reasons why.
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As I’ve said before, women tend to have a very sensitive ear, and if you have a good ear, you can also have a sensitive ear. Also, if you sing with your tongue and you take one breath — or if you take no breath, you don’t have a sense of your voice. When you sing with your tongue and you take one breath, that has a lot to do with your ear, because every single one of us has a unique ear — which makes it a very special vocal style to have.

You’ve said in another interview that you think there should be more women getting

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