What is the meaning of pitch in music?

What’s an instrumental that has a different tempo than its accompaniment? It takes me 10 minutes just to get my head around it, and I will listen to an instrumental at different tempos for different chords. I’m also told that this might be because musical ideas are very deeply ingrained in our brain, and we are able to process them quicker because of this. I can just imagine the sounds of the drum machine, and I can just think ‘this is the tune of the day’.

‘A few days ago you had your very first tour, and you got this very unusual audience of people from all age groups. One guy asked you about your past, and what’s your favourite memory, which could not have been easy.

‘Honestly, my memory is that I am most happy when someone is happy. That’s not just the case for me, but also with others. That’s how I’ve lived since I was young. So it is not just that happy moments. For me, it is very difficult to forget. What a great friend I am that is not a happy. That will make me happy. I’ll probably be very happy when someone is happy, but I’m also very sorry if I can never forget that. But my memory of that is amazing.

You’ve told us you are going to start performing the new album at The Roundhouse, so there are obviously going to be plenty of chances to take photos, and I know you have your iPhone camera as well. Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play Guitar: Everything You ...

It’s great, because all of the photos and videos we took are going around, too.

I also have my headphones. I have to be able to hear music, because this kind of thing never happens in other people’s houses. I feel like I can’t live my life on my phone, but I like it.

So much has been about what people think about you online. You seem to have had a very positive response at the time the album was released, and after the whole ‘I don’t know your name – your music is amazing’ thing. What’s your secret?

It’s a hard question. I really didn’t think about it. I thought ‘I don’t know your name but I like you’. I really do believe that people don’t know me in the first place and that really affects my feelings. But I believe in being happy even through the negative reactions. People think I’m not happy, so that makes me happy and I have to work with that because