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Well, when we think about the key of F, it is, simply stated, “Informalization,” and that’s where it lies.

All other concepts may be “true” insofar as they relate to the subject and his world, but we usually have little or no knowledge of the reality underlying these things. The idea of the key of F is to be able to “informally” understand the reality behind these things. Once it is known, all sorts of things become possible. (I think I just described the fundamental idea of dialectics properly! This will be explained further to show how this is the same as the idea of formalization).

So the key of F is the idea that each moment in time is the key to a different and more profound relationship.

So there you have it – a summary of the relationship itself. To get it in action and grasp it, you’ll need to get comfortable with this type of “knowledge” of the nature of the reality of the world around us – which is much easier said than done.

Here’s a way I’ve taught that works.

When I’m in the habit of thinking of how I’m acting in relation to “the game,” I can often go a little deeper than most if I try and think of “what is the relationship between this person and this situation” with the other person.

I can be a little clearer by asking myself, “What is happening right now in this situation?” “How does the situation make me feel right now?”
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It helps if I understand what those are “words” to me, and they can help explain the relationships or actions of which I am aware. It is also helpful if I can use the vocabulary of the other person. For example, I can ask myself, “What is the quality of this feeling?” or “How does this person interpret this feeling?”

And if I think in terms of the “key,” I can try to think, “If the key of F is the feeling of something happening to me, what is the relation between the quality of that feeling and what is happening right now?”

Here are two simple examples.

If I’m playing Magic against someone, I’ll ask myself questions like the following:

• What is the quality of the feeling?

• How does one define the quality of the feeling?

• How would one define the feeling of something happening to me?

If I was

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