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We recommend to use an 8th function key to keep the harmony.

When do you use a melody-phrase instead of a whole-tone melody? The simplest way to understand is to hear what a melody-phrase sounds like when sung by some great songwriter – the voice of the singer, not the voice of the song itself.

Why not to practice with melody-phrases? It would be a hassle to write each and every melody-phrase. The best way is, use the melody-phrase to create a chord progression using only melody. The melody will always be there, while the harmony is only written at the top.

Try: Play around with this technique

So, how do we actually use the melody-phrase? Try this exercise – to sing the following melody-phrase on your guitar, start with C and switch to Am. After you’re satisfied with your melody-phrase, switch back to C and repeat. The result will be:

Try: What you hear in your head, in a few notes

This is a common feeling when practicing harmony

Harmonious melodies will always feel as though you’re playing one big whole, and the harmony must feel to your ear like it’s made up of many small fragments. When you practice harmonious melodies all over again, it will feel like they’re only part of a big whole, yet will seem to be composed in many small fragments.

The key to perfect harmonic practice

Practice harmonious melodies always.

When you practice harmonious melodies all over again, your mind will be in a kind of stasis in this way. Everything at first seems to go without a hitch; everything seems to go in its entirety. But that’s exactly when you have to be patient. And if you can’t be patient, you’ll be distracted.

Practice harmonious melodies like you do when learning anything else because harmonious melodies never go wrong.

We use harmony to build melodies

The reason harmonic principles help to make melodies sing is that melodies are built, not by being created in harmony, but by building a melody using harmony.

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In the end it’s a matter of melody-building and developing yourself in harmonic harmony. That’s why harmonious melodies will always be fun, easy to sing and always be fun to play.

A harmonious melody is a harmony for which two intervals are separated by half a tonal tone.

An example is A

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