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If you look at the pitch that he played, I actually saw this pitch right before. I was watching him last night’s games and this ball was bouncing off the wall, and I saw him and a couple of his teammates, they were watching him at second base, and he hit that ball up to right-center and right back into the outfield and then back out. That ball was in the stands. He’s going to be pitching for us in the All-Star Game next weekend as well. Just watching his glove, his bat, his swing, I’ve never seen anything like that before.

How does he handle the competition level?
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He can handle it. He handled it last night right after that. After his fastball pitch, all his hitters just kind of scattered because he was throwing it hard. He’s got the best fastball and the best changeup in the game. All the guys are coming to the mound wanting to get a couple of runs. It’s a hard challenge. Everybody is trying to get that win. It is tough. You have to be on the same page. You have to be on the same page with the team and that’s the way you have to live and that’s why he’s on this level; to help these guys win. It’s one of the greatest pitching performances in baseball history. He made the best possible pitches.

Was that strikeout on the first of his inning against Jose Altuve last year a good experience? Does he like working in Toronto?

As I said, there’s no doubt. I had a chance to go out and pitch with Noah’s dad yesterday, he talked to me and he’s a big proponent of the Triple Crown. He didn’t have to pitch, we went out and played baseball. Everybody said, ‘Oh yeah, Noah’s the right hand guy, and he did this.’ The thing that’s really important to me is there’s no doubt it was a tough situation, but there’s really no question with Noah that he’s in this because he really wants to get better. He wants to earn a spot with our team. I think everybody knows it’s going to be hard, this is a team that’s competing, everybody wants to win, so the next couple weeks, you can see we’re going through a rough spot for sure.

Did you see a different Noah this year?

There was a noticeable difference last year. This is a young kid, so it took a while. But he

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