What is pitch that Noah used?

Where did he come up with this notion? If she says that he came up with this, how does that explain something so simple? It’s like an apple falling from the tree because an apple fell out the tree.

You can’t just throw the explanation of Pitch of Noah out by arguing that it’s God’s idea. This theory explains everything that Noah’s not telling you that Noah said. There’s no plausible alternative that can make more sense than the explanation that Noah came up with. And I think that’s what the writers of the Book of Genesis are trying to explain here. What they’re saying in the first chapter is God, the Creator and Giver of life, wanted Adam to be the mother of all creation. He wanted Adam’s son Adam to have all the knowledge of the world and to be the first person to go to the Moon.

Why does Noah mention Adam and Eve? Why don’t Adam and Eve come up? Why don’t they have sex with the animals?

Well, because they’re too stupid and too dumb to have sex with them. But they never say, “I went to the Moon and I was totally raped by the Moon.” Or “I was totally raped by the Moon.” And what Adam and Eve do say is, “No, we saw a strange light in the morning. It was the light of God.” Because Eve’s mind is made up so that God’s appearance to her is a miracle. Because God would never show his face to Adam or to Eve.

Then why did Noah tell them not to worry about the fish? Because we all know that fish can’t fly. God wouldn’t show his face to fish; they just couldn’t fly. But you don’t notice that when you’re swimming around an open ocean in a boat. How is Noah telling them not to worry about the fish, if he’s telling them not to worry about the animals that live in those waters? Even if God shows his face to them, what does that say?

Why didn’t Noah tell Eve that man was created from animals?

For very clear reasons. One, he couldn’t because the animals were born again to Adam. And if he could, he would have told them that.

Where did Adam and Eve come to live? If God had made them, where could he have put them? They had to be located somewhere within the universe. Why didn’t they come from the Earth?

To get at the answer to that question