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We are interested in people with a strong knowledge of the history of pitch, both from a historical and literary standpoint. We do not have a formal academic program, but have the pleasure of working with numerous undergraduate, graduate, post-doc, postdoctoral and internuates who share our interest in the history of pitch. Many of these individuals are already in positions of power. We encourage these scholars to share their knowledge with the general public. The goal is to produce material that can be of value to those who are interested in the history of pitch and to the people who are engaged in research in this field.

What research areas are you interested in? The specific areas we have identified so far are:

The early history of Pitch: From the Greek-speaking Greeks to the Romans

The development of pitch: A history in action

Developments in pitch: The evolution of pitch

Modern Pitch: A modern perspective

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When will you receive my submission? We generally need to receive your written submission approximately 6-8 weeks before a final deadline. If you wish to submit via email, please be sure to include your name (and contact details in the body of the email) in the email body. After your email has been received and we have confirmed the date in our database and your email address, the committee will contact you. For more information, please visit the Submission Process page .

Why should I send this material into NIMH? We invite faculty, graduate and postdoctoral scholars and other knowledgeable members of the community to participate in our work. We would prefer that this material be sent to our email list of members by members themselves on their own behalf. Please contact [email protected] if you wish to participate.

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