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The phrase “pitch of the arm” refers to the velocity that the arm can generate. The velocity is measured by the pitch-to-velocity formula. When the pitcher throws a baseball to an out, the pitch can be calculated as the velocity of the ball minus the velocity of the out.

The terms of reference for this calculation, the velocity of the ball minus the velocity of out, refers to how fast the batter or batter/catcher is travelling at the end of the at bats.

When a baseball is hit, it is called a foul ball. This is because the speed of the ball is the only parameter that affects how fast the batted ball is moving. If we use the velocity of the ball, and the average speed of the batter (measured inmph) during the at bat, then we can say that “The ball is being struck at a rate of 300 miles per hour.

This is what happens at the plate. When a pitcher throws a pitch, the batter’s velocity in miles per hour, when the baseball lands, is the velocity of the ball minus the velocity of the at bat.

So from this equation, we can understand that an average rate of 300mph can be approximated as the velocity on the bat, multiplied by the strike zone location (measured in inches) or average strike zone size (measured in inches).

If you want to see a picture of this plot, you can check this out here.

Also, here, a graph of the strike zone is shown for each batter during each at bat. The dots are a line that represents the batting average after the at bat.

PITCHF/X calculates what the plate average for this at bat is, and then computes the rate of home runs per at bat.

Here, I am going to use my friend Dan’s numbers.

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