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A very good point. And he’s very good.

You can see, when you watch a video on YouTube of Mr Hirst going on the offensive, it’s very, very intense. And he has a very good accent. Because he is such a fine and well-educated man and very proud of that.

How did your relationship with the press become such a problem during your tenure?

I’m very sensitive in writing, when you start, and when you’re doing it. I’m an intensely private man. When you write a book, you write in a very private way. People can read whatever they like about me. A lot of it is true, but the part they can’t read is the part that’s very private. That is the way I am. I will keep my head down and have my personal reasons for doing what I do and have my personal opinions on some things, but I will keep my head down. It’s a very personal matter.

I know you’ve had to go to extraordinary lengths to protect your own privacy, with the press reporting things in a rather sensationalised way. Do you feel more vulnerable now to some of this?

I am, but I know that I don’t have any problem being myself. I am very proud of who I am and what I have achieved. My children and others will be proud of me. I can honestly say I hope my children will be proud of me.

Do you think it’s more revealing if people are more suspicious of you when you speak out and talk candidly about your life?

Absolutely, because the press doesn’t know what kind of person I am if they just take my word for it. No matter how well I’ve done, no matter how popular I’ve been in the press, no matter how good it has been because I’ve been doing something that other people can’t do, that’s because people have always found out about me. So the press always have some idea of who I am. That’s why I’m so well guarded.

Do you believe that is the way we must deal with the information now?

There are so many things now I can say and do about the work — the press has got to understand that. Because they will always ask something or find something else they don’t like. If I was writing for the press, and you went to the press and said something, that means I haven’t been very good, or I haven’t been very

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