What is a bravado in singing? – El Perdon Nicky Jam How To Learn Singing At Home

And can you make it to the stage and say, “I am my bravado” on the first day of a gig. I say they will always show me up as opposed to me saying, “I am my bravado.” Then I find out that they don’t mean the song but more along the lines of me saying, “I am me.”

How much of this is personality versus performance?

I think one of the biggest differences is there’s always someone to blame. People are people and they will always blame their weaknesses. I think at some point they’ll have to give me credit, but they will always blame someone to give them the sense to believe they could do things better or that their song or performance could happen. And at some point, that’s the first time I have been able to put my finger on what they have done to show I can be better than them.

What are the qualities you look for as a mentor?

People tell me to get more aggressive when I’m singing. I really like to keep it simple as an adult because I think kids can get into a situation and really believe that they can do it. Once a kid does that, it is really hard for them to do anything differently from the way they are told to do it. I want people to know I am not a man. If it is time to be more aggressive then I will be that aggressive. But I want to be confident. I want to believe that I can do whatever it is I want to do. And at that point, I believe what I am saying. I don’t doubt me.

What do you look to others for that sort of confidence in your voice?

I’m so impressed with their confidence. I want to show them that they can’t just rely on my voice or just listen to what I say. I need to be confident too. A lot of singers would sit down and say, “I’m so confident because I have a good voice.” I love it when a singer has that kind of confidence in their voice. I’m so proud of this boy. I always try to be that role model for him because he has such a confidence that I don’t know if he has it.

Do you have a favorite song you’ve recorded for any of the kids in the audience?

I like “You Look So Young.”

I would probably start with “Till the Sun Goes Down” by Celine Dion because that is my favorite

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