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When you make it too high, the song comes out too muffled. It sounds muffled because everybody was singing at once and it doesn’t sound like the music has a lot of texture to it. The melody is too high when the whole song is in the low register. It’s as if the instruments are tuned to the low register, and it’s hard to get it to connect with the singer, so at the end, it’s like, “Oh my god, what’s going on here?” And the chorus, the one that comes after that, is way up in the high register. When you sing too high in the high register, it’s just not the same feeling or the same rhythm.


* “The World That I Live In”, The Moon & The Sun

* “Gravel Tracks”, Suckers

* “Faster Than Light”, Purity by Proxy

* “Shattered Pieces”, Fucked Up Boys

* “The Light Of The Mistletoe”, The Moon & The Sun

* “Boots Of My Time”, Purity by Proxy

* “Visions Of Love”, The Moon & The Sun

* “Sail To The Sun”, Suckers

* “Caught In The Cold”, Suckers

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* PRESSED ON ALBUM RENEWAL – “For the Future” by Rene Pina –

* PRESSED ON ALBUM RENEWAL – “For the Future” by Rene Pina –

* “Wreck It” by Joss Stone –

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