What happens if you sing too high?

Or try singing a song without saying “you” at the end? Or sing something a little different—maybe you sing “I like my life” instead of ‘I do.’

When one is doing a voice exercise, the words might come out sounding strange—just like the person doing the exercise had no idea this would happen. You might even hear vocal tract syndrome—a condition where one vocal tract isn’t working at 100%.

Here are seven ways to make it easier on yourself:

1. Keep your voice normal.

To keep your voice normal, start by saying the phrase “I like my life” out loud. After that, don’t say the same phrase two or three times. Instead, say it “by and by,” saying it only when you feel confident saying it. To avoid feeling forced into saying the phrase, try this out: “I like my life” out loud for 10 or 15 minutes every day—no more than twice a day.

2. Ask to listen first.

If you get a strong sense of your voice coming out loud in a certain way or when you don’t feel as strong in your voice as you feel other times, you might have vocal tract syndrome or other vocal problems. That’s the first thing you should do: ask the person being vocal to listen first. Or say something like “Can you say it for me?” Once it’s clear that your voice is okay, don’t try to change the way it sounds. Instead, ask if they want to try another phrase first.

3. Make sure you are clear about your


Vocal tract syndrome is usually diagnosed when one or both the vocal cords (the soft-tissue of the voice box) do not work. Most vocal tract problems are caused by certain genetic things. If this is true, you can get vocal tract syndromes from the genes and genetics are not a reason for you not to be sure you’re having vocal tract problems. But if your issues are not genetic, talking to someone about them and getting a test to check for vocal tract problems is the first step to getting help.

Vocal tract problems usually can be corrected if you do something the right way. This is why you want to know how to find a voice coach right away.

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