What does perfect pitch mean? – Which Is The Easy Key To Learn Singing Psalms Monks Chanting

“You can see in the pitch itself what’s happening. It feels like you’re playing in the seventh-level,” notes Jansen, who was one of the only two pitchers to go deep in the sixth round. “You can see the way it bends, like you see in people’s faces when they throw a hard ball.”

The difference in skill, Jansen says, is that it’s easier to identify when you’re looking at the pitches, rather than just guessing because the ball isn’t always moving. “In the past it’s been very hard to tell who to hit. Now hitters have the ability to see all that stuff [in a pitch] right away.” (Of course, it’s equally important for hitters to recognize that the other guy is watching.)

And there’s an extra layer to perfect pitch. There’s a specific way the pitcher’s forearm connects to the pitch. It’s like an octopus–it’s kind of like a spider with two legs, arms, and a brain. This is why some hitters think it might be a leg, while others think it’s just arm. So perfect pitch hitters get very specific as to where the arm begins and ends.

Of course, the hardest part of perfect pitch doesn’t have to do with a specific location. No, the real challenge is making a pitch that isn’t perfect and not making a certain pitch that isn’t wrong.

“You just have to look away, look in front of you, look at the ball when it goes above your head. It’s really easy to do, and that’s what makes it challenging,” says Jansen. “It’s not that hard.”

As for the rest of the pitches—the ones we make—they’re just like they were before Jansen and his team figured out how to throw them accurately and consistently and at perfect speed using an arm that doesn’t bend the way ours does and is a whole lot harder to fake.

To be part of their program, athletes need to keep going through their drills all the time: “To be one of the first guys to try perfect pitch, you have to keep going. That’s the only way that you’ll be able to keep up,” explains Riddle.

All of this doesn’t mean Jansen won’t be able to keep doing things with his perfect pitch that make sense, because those things can’t change what makes a perfectly strike-zone pitch, of course. Jansen is more comfortable throwing balls he’s

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