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A harmony is a chord that has just been found by accident.

For example in this case,

A harmonic relationship like

– D#4 – Cdim

– G#4 – F#dim


– B5 – Ddim

is called a harmonic relationship because there is a chord that has been found.

I hope you are familiar with the term of an accidental chord. (You may not call this an accidental chord because you know some chords will always be played in harmonic relationships.)

Here’s an example:

– A7 – Em

– D7 – F#9

– Eb7 – Eb4

– F7 – Eb2

This kind of chord is referred to as an accidental chord because it was found by accident.

The same chord is called an accidental triad because it’s formed as an accidental chord.

For example:

– A7 – F#dim

– B7 – C#dim

– D7 – B10 – Em

– Em/C#9 – B9 – C9

You can see the triads above in “How to Draw Triads”
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Notice that all of these chords share the same notes on the guitar too like the notes C7, Bb7 and F9 are all on the same string and the fourth note of each chord is the same note.

So it comes as no surprise that the 5th of the A7 is actually E7 (also the 7th of E7), as you can see in the following examples:

– F#6 – Ddim – E7

– F#7 – Bb5 – G7 – A7


A7 is not a chord but it is a triad since it contains Bb5 and G7.

To learn more about the relationship between a chord and an accidental chord and to find the harmonic relationship of any two chord or pairs, click here to go to the Harmonic Relationship Guide

(click the link in the right)

It is important that you know about the relationship between all the chords in most rock music because many rock songs (like most country songs) will have some kind of a triad in them.

So in music you will learn the relationship between two chords using the term “harmony”.

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