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Pine wood contains many of the valuable substances needed for construction. Painted panels with pine are known for their beauty and durability. Other materials are also a part of this world.

Wood of this type may also be utilized in construction of boats and ships. The natural qualities of pine are the only things to come into play when building the ship for instance.

Paintings of the wood are also widely used in painting, particularly in port cities. As paint is a non-toxic substance, it can be made with a special product called pine resin. The pine resin is then sold commercially. In this way, the wood is no longer the active ingredient but a valuable supply of resin left in the wood after processing.

A great advantage of pine is that it is not very heavy nor expensive. It is one of the most natural fibers available. The wood does not lose power as does most other wood fibres, and it is one of the strongest available.

The pine wood is a very good conductor of electrical current, and the highest capacity power source known to man can be provided by a single sheet. It is more than twice as thick as paper itself.

Sulfur and calcium carbide (CaCO 3 ) are minerals found in the wood. Both are used in the manufacturing process to reduce the cost and improve the quality.

Pine cannot be burned for fuel as they are non- combustible (a fire cannot ignite the wood). The oil in the wood will still ignite if burned but its temperature and amount of moisture will greatly differ from its natural state.

When you buy pine it depends upon the location and conditions. Find out the price of a great size board to fit into your home before purchasing pine. They may be very good as well if you buy them in bulk.

There is also pine wood that is sold as “concrete “wood”. Concrete was the only type of wood that could be used to build buildings. Today it is very rare to find an intact piece of the original construction. The only concrete available is from recycled building materials.

The material is still usable but is not as durable as pine. It is used as a light weight building material, but is very expensive.

Pine stands for the natural and indigenous world. The tree will always make for a beautiful piece of architecture. Whether the building is made of pine or other wood it just looks amazing and is very satisfying to use.
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