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The way you tell a story involves a lot of different techniques.

There are the main voices (e.g. in story telling)

There are the sub-voices (e.g. in narrative writing, advertising, journalism)

These sub-voices tell part of the main story, so you might only need to hear a few sub-voices to get the whole story.

However, your main voice is often the most important part of a story. You need to hear your main voice a lot, and make sure you have it memorised.

The main voice refers to the main plot or themes of the story – it gives the story its depth and meaning.

Sub-voices are a different voice in the story – and these are things like plot points, characters and what the main character does.

I’ve written about them in detail before, and you can read more about them here.

If you’re having trouble hearing voices, I’ve also written about this before here.

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The sub-voices can be heard in different ways. For example, a man could speak in a low, rambling voice and a woman might speak in a deep, rich, authoritative voice.

These voices can be helpful to you in a variety of situations, whether it’s:

You want to see yourself in a film.

You want to show your story from the characters’ point of view (e.g. at a conference).

You want to make sure you can distinguish a character from a background sound.

You think it’s important to know the different voices in a piece of music. For example, you might know the voice of a singer but not understand the words. You could try to listen to this part of the song but couldn’t hear the rest.

Sometimes it’s difficult to discern the tone and style of voices in your film. If you’re struggling with this, you could try listening to this soundtrack in the background, or check out my video tutorial on how to listen to film and television.

Are there any other types of voices?

In the same way a lot of different types of voices are used in various stories, many other types of voice can be used in different roles in a story. It depends on what they are.

Examples of this are:

The narrator of a story; you (or someone in the story) talking to the characters from

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