What are the 6 types of voices? – Can You Teach Yourself To Sing If You Can’t

(I asked you before to imagine all of those who were “the voice of God” by any kind of name)

What do the 2nd, 4th, & 5th types of voices do?

What are some of the 6 types of voices? (I gave you the “voice of God” so it would make it easier to find other answers)

So this is a really long answer…. I just wanted to get this across in one place. This is a much better guide than any I could imagine….and it may actually explain why these voices are found in the first place

I want to know the truth I will die someday. I’m sick of the lies.

In the end you can’t prove you don’t have a voice. Just listen to who you are.

I was never a believer in Jesus. Just wanted answers.

It’s so easy to think we are all created perfectly (as if we are) and that we’re just being selfish by asking, and we want answers for how we can be happy, if not what to do. I’m trying to get my soul through my issues and try to start from my place, rather than go back into depression, or worse yet, a coma if I’m being honest.

I think that if God would talk to me I would understand so much better. I don’t think that’s so hard to understand….just listening to what you need, or what you want is what works best.

There is someone else out there who has everything you need & wants.

It’s very difficult, it’s scary. I don’t know how to approach it & I’m not sure how to process emotions, I think I’m going through hell.

I don’t understand. I’m confused. It’s hard to feel this way & I see myself as having a voice

If you are going through an experience in your mind that’s called depression, I truly hope you don’t blame others.

The best thing you can do is stop thinking about what you’re not living, and move to living, just like you want to. And don’t let the bad thoughts keep you from what you are actually living for.

When you’re at peace you have the ability to express what you need without needing things others want to give.

I don’t want all of our problems to be solved and it’s not healthy for our bodies to heal. We need to be happy

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