Is women’s cricket pitch smaller? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms 119 Commentary

A closer look at the reasons behind the ‘silliness’

“You’ve got to go away and give those kind of people a reason to come back. And as the women’s game grows into Australia, there will be more opportunities.”

Despite the recent growth in the number of female cricketers, the first Australian Women’s Big Bash League tournament is set to take place in 2018.

On Monday morning President Obama made a surprise appearance on the “Hardball” radio show with Chris Matthews. While his remarks were predictable, his speech was unusual.

He did not try to attack Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate. Instead he blamed America’s fiscal problems upon Republicans in Congress: the tea party, Republicans in Congress. He added that he would veto any budget that did not make reforms to government spending and raise the debt ceiling. He did not mention the federal debt.

Obama did not call Mr. Romney names – except when pressed by Matthews.

For example, Matthews asked the president, “What do we need to get our economy going again?”

The president responded, “I’m not sure to what extent we have to borrow from the future.”
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When asked what kinds of savings or new taxes the president would cut, he said only that he “cannot cut” Social Security. The former Bain CEO did not mention raising taxes on the wealthy.

Obama said that his economic program would be about raising wages and creating economic opportunity for working Americans. “The challenge will be how we do a better job in building economic opportunity for young people,” Obama said.

He said, “I think that more young people are starting their lives tomorrow with fewer resources than they had a generation ago,” and “there is something fundamentally wrong with the way we reward people with education, with hard work, with the opportunity to move up, so they don’t get stuck in a lower wage economy.” He also said, “It’s not the economy. … It’s the lack of opportunity to get there.”

The president said “that doesn’t mean we can’t create more jobs.”

On the topic of Medicare, Obama said he would work to negotiate better and more patient-centered health care for seniors. “We’re looking for a formula that’s going to be as successful as the drug benefit. … We’re not making it easier to get coverage to people.”

But at the same time, Obama acknowledged that the country has a problem with drug costs, although he

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