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I think I know of a number of companies that produce tarmac, but I can’t tell you any of the details. I would not use something made from tarmac, as that is not the same as the material you saw inside of an airplane.

Q. Okay. Thank you very much.


Q. When you were going to sign into law his health care bill a few days after the inauguration, you said you were going to start the process of repealing and replacing it, but you would not promise that. After all the controversy surrounding that, would you have been willing to wait any longer?

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THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I would. I think, at the time, the American people, particularly young people, had more questions than answers. You know, we have a president who was elected on a promise to repeal and replace that health care mess. It’s a big mess, and I thought it was important to start working immediately, and in very limited areas, to show progress and to start doing good work.

And I said early on, if we really wanted to start right away we should replace it before making major changes in the individual insurance markets, because, in theory, you know, if you did those two things, it would be a very quick process, and I’d be much better organized because it would reduce a lot of the chaos.

And I said all along, let’s get this done right away, because we have some big problems with that bill, because it’s an enormous expansion of the government and a lot of what they’re talking about is just going to cost a lot of money. I don’t think we’ll get there without working out the kinks.

It is not something that we’re going to do through a series of compromises and then start negotiating after the fact. It is an enormous expansion of government, and a lot of what people are talking about is just about tax credits and Medicaid and what have you. It is an expansion and the cost of it is going to be tremendous, and I think as a result, I think we’re going to make a lot of progress, and I think it will have positive consequences, but we need to start on Day One.

Hollywood has no idea who they’re messing and pissing off with their latest political drama.

In a new report from the Hollywood Reporter, it’s been revealed that the makers of the Star Wars spin-off Rogue One were ”

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