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They are not, for the word ‘Tar’ does not appear. It is, however, the name given to the native American people, or at least one branch of them, who occupied the area around and on the eastern side of the Mississippi River, near present-day Kansas and Oklahoma on the Pacific side, and on the southern shores of the Atlantic Coast, north of the Straits of Magellan and on the western shore of Lake Erie. The name Tar is derived from the Algonquin word t’ah, which has been applied to those who were a part of the original confederacy in the 1630’s and 1590’s.

Tar first appears in the history by which it is referred to in this connection. In an account by John Morgan published at New Haven (1660) in connection with a tract of land now known as Delaware River Colony, New England’s first colony, he says that the people, called Tarawe, who inhabited that part of the country, were an ancient and an eminent nation. They called themselves Tarko, and were the original Tarawa tribe.

‘Tarawe’ being an appellation applied commonly to the Algonquin Indians, Morgan was referring to some of their former inhabitants living on the opposite side of the Mississippi River, from which they had become separated since their removal to the new country. In the 1660’s, a person residing near present-day Kansas City gave a similar account of an American Indian tribe called Tarawe.

In fact, according to the same account by John Morgan, the original race of Algonquians had long been extinct. The term ‘Tarawe’ therefore was applied in the 1720’s to a different people, and the word had passed out of use by the early American settlers, who simply called them ‘Tarko’ when they encountered these Native Americans during the French and Indian War (1722 – 1726). [1]

From what is known of the history of the Tarawe tribe and their settlement in North Carolina, this name was, it can be determined, first applied to the Algonquin Indians when they came into the possession of the colonists as an independent people and a political unit, in the 1620’s.

During the early years of the seventeenth century, the Algonquin Iroquois were numerous and well known, and they lived in numerous villages on the northern boundary of the Iroquois Confederacy.

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In 1650, two of

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