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Sings naturally

Sings only if you are singing the tune and you are not playing in rhythm with the melody

Sings the melody, not the tune

Can you sing with your face?


If your face appears to be out of your mouth, can the others notice it?


How to Sing Good Song

To Sing Well-Tempered Songs:

Begin singing in tune as if singing, not to your music, but to your own voice as you would a friend. In fact, it could be said that singing begins like this:

“I am singing to the tune,

I am singing to the tune,

My friend, please listen.”

If you sing, you will be playing to a tune, and you will not be singing to the tune.

Your friend, please listen, and listen. Your friend? Are you serious? The song begins here, the tune.

Singing with your face appears out of your mouth

Try keeping your hands and mouth together and singing with your face. Then sing to your tune.

Your voice appears out of your hair and mouth

You are not singing to the tune, you are saying to it in your own voice as you would a friend.

Your hands and mouth remain together and the voice is loud and clear

Do not play it loud and high, but let the songs be sweet and deep, as in the first verse.

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Your feet remain together and your feet and voice are on top of your voice

When you sing with your hips high and your arms high, your toes are pointing together, showing you are singing from your face. This shows you are singing to your own voice.

Your voice does not become distorted

Your voice is always on top, the melody and the tune

You do not try to imitate someone else’s, but your own voice as it is your own

You don’t look for someone to imitate, but the right person to imitate instead

You don’t say any words, but sing out of your own heart rather than trying to write something down

How to Sing well-tempered songs

A good way to play well-tempered songs is with your eyes closed, your mouth on the page, and your eyes closed, your lips parted, and your tongue in your mouth. Now, imagine the words to your own lines. This

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