Is Singing natural or learned? – Learn Hindustani Classical Singing Online

The song “Happy Birthday” is sung by a child in the traditional style, and as such, many people think of it as a “natural” song. This may be true, but it is not necessarily true when the song is learned, either by singing in a specific way or through song practice. In fact, it is very easy to acquire the skill of singing a particular style of song at a young age, and singing it consistently throughout the day has been known to make children better at singing a particular style of song. For example, after a couple of months of singing the traditional baby-song style all day, a child might still be singing it at night, just as if it were only natural.

In an interview with the Lourdes magazine, Dr. Ruth Lautenbach (the mother of Singa Song) stated: “Some kids don’t realize (the music) is really their style. It’s not something that they’ve learned from a book or from movies or from videos…. They sing something they’re playing, and it just sounds like it’s their natural way of singing.”

How can we be certain that a child knows how to sing a good tune, or that he would learn to sing at all? How is the song acquired? Is it learned on an instrument?

First of all, it can be learned at any young age. It also can depend in part on the age in which the parent wants his child to speak. A young child and an adult could both sing together and have a natural child-child relationship without ever singing the same style of song. In fact, very young children, especially infants and toddlers, also sing well on their own, and their parents will hear this as being the “right” way of singing. For more information about the type of child-child relationship that is best for singing, read About the Social Behavior of Children.

Singing in a particular style is not always something learned at an early age. Instead, a child will often choose to sing one particular style after his parents get used to it. This may be because of the song “happy, little birthday,” or because the child has been taught about singing at school.

If children do acquire the ability to sing a particular style of song after they start singing in particular ways for a length of time, this is not always possible to describe as being “natural.” However, a child may be aware of a certain style as his parents get used to it, but

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