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Do they make a ball? What’s the definition of a water-based liquid? What’s your definition of a liquid that is “water-based”? And then when you talk about it, what’s that definition? That’s the challenge for the next year because I’ve been doing this stuff and I have to be very careful about what I’m going to use. You can’t just go and slap together all these little products that use the word liquid, because for some reason the federal government doesn’t like that. So it’s very difficult. And my experience is there’s no way for me to really sort ’em out, so I don’t even know if I’ve got to buy any that are going to turn out to be water-based on the next day. So that kind of goes in your head and that’s the challenge, which also takes you away from your goals and priorities and into these kind of gray areas like maybe, you know, maybe it’s better to just buy a little more, maybe it’s better to buy something, and maybe it’s better for me to buy something or I really have to do it myself. And then you’ve got the challenges, and that goes into how often you’re going to test it, is there a way to tell whether or not a product is water-based? I don’t know if I can answer that one without testing it, but like I said, sometimes if I test a lot of things, it’s like what am I going to do? And then, at some point, your product, you know, has to go through a patent evaluation process with the government and so your product has to go through a whole process of going through a whole patent process before that’s the case. I think all of that means a lot of preparation for when that time comes.

Steve: Yeah, I know. But you know what it kind of does with somebody, if you can’t get on stage with a product, then you’re kind of stuck with it. And then what do you do, just in terms of doing the work? You know, a lot of time, you kind of don’t know if there’s anything that you can do to address this. You know, it really is the product – it’s the product and then the patent process that gets you there.

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Chris: Yeah.

Steve: I think that’s where the majority of that goes into, as well.

Chris: Yeah.

Steve: And it does

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