Is it hard to learn to sing? – Learn Singing Bangla

Not at all. The hardest part about learning to sing is when there’s any doubt about your voice. And to learn any other skill isn’t easy at all. Sometimes people just have to learn to practice for a few hours to get that confidence, just like when you’re learning to dance.

I’m sure there are many things that I missed out on, like reading poetry, or performing a song, or learning an instrument, so if you have any things you would like to share about learning to sing, please let us know in the comments below!

An anti-immigration party in Sweden has made it in the regional elections, taking 17 seats in the regional assembly (Stockholm and the two other towns in the province) up from 10, according to the national media agency TT.

The far-right Swedish Democrats, the first group to enter the national parliament, had made it into the assembly to the tune of 12.7 percent, the second quarter exit poll on Jan 17. The party entered in 2009, having split from the Social Democrat Party following the 2009 elections.

Swedish President Stefan Löfven and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at the beginning of a conference of EU finance ministers at a European Union (EU) headquarters in Brussels on January 23. Photo: Yurij Sarsunov/AFP

The party gained four seats from the Social Democrats and another 1.8 from the Left Party, according to the exit poll.

Earlier on Friday, Sweden’s regional authorities had said that they had made it through to the voting for general municipal elections.

“Despite the fact that two other parties from the Left, the Green Party and the Labour Party have entered the regional elections, there remain two candidates that are running because they are in the parliamentary race,” Stockholm’s regional police department said. The police said the parties who are entering the general municipal election polls in other towns will be able to enter into the federal elections in 2018.

The party, led by leader Jimmie Akesson, won the first round of voting in the district council elections in the northern city of Gothenburg, and in the capital of Stockholm, where Akesson got 7 percent of the vote and the Labour Party, which entered the state parliamentary race last year with its leader Sverre Gårdström, won 8.8 percent.

The party has campaigned on a platform of tighter immigration restrictions, a clampdown on crime and an increase in social benefits

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