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Well, yes, maybe, maybe not. I have tried to learn on paper, so that was fun. I’ve also learned from other composers, but I don’t have enough money to go for that sort of thing. (I guess, maybe, if I do something for fun, it means you’ll give me all the money. Who knows!)
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I have an incredible amount of respect for John Williams, and the work he has done on the prequel trilogy. It’s wonderful. But to have had the opportunity to work with him is a pretty unique situation. When I asked him for his opinion on the final score for Star Wars VII I was expecting him to be very critical. I was hoping he would be like, “Oh, it’s awful.” I honestly didn’t expect that. He was very complimentary.

What’s your favourite thing about Star Wars?

I just love the universe. I’m interested in it in a lot of different contexts and ways. It’s fun because it makes so much sense in such a specific way, it’s really amazing to me. That’s probably the thing at the top of my list that I do try to keep in a lot of my work – that it makes sense to me, in a way that I never thought would work. Like, it makes sense in Star Wars and in the Star Wars prequels. Sometimes, you know, if you can explain you feel that there’s a bit of this-it makes sense-some of the things in the Star Wars movie.

Do you think the prequels are better films than the originals?

I think there’s a bit of a double-standard, where I think you get more attention for them, because they’re the ones that were made first. That’s not to say that the others are bad, although I do think that there’s a bit of a problem with trying to compare them in any way to the originals. There are so many new things happening with the prequel trilogy as well, but it really all comes down to what is being brought to the screen through the special editions, and all of these new visual effects. I think people just haven’t quite gotten the gist of what all these things are bringing to the table. A nice thing for people to take away from them is that they’re trying something new, and it’s really cool to see. I’m really excited about that.

How many other people are working on a new Star Wars soundtrack for the pre

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