Is it haram to be a singer?

They say that if a singer praises God he is halal to use music. And if that musician praises his God he is halal as well. So, all of this is being confused together under the umbrella of the word “musician.”
What Is the Best Age to Learn to Sing?

Q: Does the Quran say that a singer or musician is a non-musician (or a non-musician is a singer)?

The words that are used for “musician,” “singer,” “musician.”

Q: Can women go to a masjid if they are married or just get into it on their own accord?

It is unlawful to go to a masjid if one has married someone else.

Q: Does any school of thought accept the “shakun” (or the female teachers and students?) and the “sakun” (male teachers and students?) or what about the whole question of “slavery?”

This is a part of the larger discussion in this topic on “sin.” See the discussion in Part 6 of the essay, “Sin”

6.1 What is the “shakun”?

The “shakun” is the idea of “lady-in-waiting” and is a view of women to the exclusion of that of men, as well as male teaching and male students. These women are often described as “lady in waiting,” “nazizis,” or the like. These women would not be permitted to enter a masjid with men, just as a man is not permitted to enter a mosque with women. However, many of these women would be welcomed into mosques with men, though these women would not be considered “lady in waiting.” This idea is commonly held by some radical clerics, including those who promote the “halal” view. Some people also think a woman who is studying at university should be allowed to come to a mosque with a male studying at that university.

6.2 Can a teacher and student go to a masjid together?

No, a teacher or student cannot enter a masjid alone. A teacher or student may be allowed to come under a parent/guardian’s supervision, and may be permitted to stay with someone with a masjid. But neither may he be alone.

6.3 What about visiting friends?

Sometimes, if a family is planning to visit a mosque together for the Sabbath, and if a mosque is