Is it bad to sing everyday?

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In the movie, I do sing one song, and I sing another one. I sing the one every day. I do it for the whole day sometimes. The reason is because I love singing. Because I am a singer. It’s my life, and I love singing. I love it in my life, it is what I do. Not because I always sing the same song, because all the time, I will sing different songs, because I think my life would be better if I sang different songs than I already sing, because I like singing. I think it would be more beautiful, because it would be more fun to hear the voices of different people, from different countries, or from different cultures.

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The European Council on Foreign Relations had a “dramatic, historic announcement” this morning, where its President Donald Tusk and President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, made the announcement that they are now ready to agree on a European-wide financial transaction tax to regulate and tax foreign assets, and a more ambitious economic union than the one recently agreed by EU leaders at their Lisbon summit. Juncker and Tusk are keen to go beyond the current single market and single currency, with the two of them now considering ways of a much broader union that would include EU nations, with the US, Russia or India joining.

A senior EU official speaking on condition of anonymity in order to speak freely about the negotiations, told Financial Times that the commission had decided to propose an alternative EU-wide financial transaction tax with a much smaller exemption for non-financial companies, rather than a higher levy on banks and financial institutions. The commission had also decided to bring in a capital account levy, to put into place a financial transaction tax from January next year, with the aim of lowering the cost of financing.

Separately, Juncker wants to start negotiations on future European defence co-operation with Russia over the border defence system. “I want to reach agreement on a European defence and security policy in the period before the elections, which could be in 2019,” he said. This is likely to include a closer co-operation against Russia.

Juncker’s remarks come a week after British voters decided to leave the European Union, with reports of a sharp fall in the value of the pound as investors pulled their £375 billion of UK assets out of the eurozone. On Tuesday, the pound was at $1.2774, down from its