Is it bad to sing everyday?

I like being alone. I don’t like having everyone around me or being with people I don’t like. I like being single and just writing lyrics. And I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. I don’t really have no friends and no family. I’m at a point when I feel like I just need to not be around people anymore. I like to just write and let the music do the talking.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in California. I went to public schools. I was an English major. I went to some special schools. I came up there on a motorcycle and a bicycle.

And you’re an artist now?

Yeah, I’m an artist.

There’s a lot of artists here. Why haven’t they done well?
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The problem with LA is there is not a lot of talent here. LA can do no wrong but it’s hard. People that are good come from all over the country and they come from every type of city. And when you only have 10 people on the bill it can be dangerous. So you have to get some amazing people in order to get any amount of talent to speak of. LA should be a lot better when the talent comes as it should. I feel I did something good there…

You have done a few songs in England. Are you planning on doing some more?

Yeah. I’ve met with some people in France. I’ll be doing a little bit more in Europe for sure. Not in LA. So hopefully in Europe there will be some great bands coming up. The problem is you don’t have the same amount of people here to fill it up. There’s not the same amount of people here.

So you think when they come back there could be a better audience?

Yeah. I think there’s that. That’s what I hope. I think that’s what I got the whole idea from. I was in the studio with the producer of this album, and we were working on a new one. It was a very tough album to make. It took a lot of time. It took so much time to make. I think you can hear that in the tracks that we’re doing now which are very interesting.

What songs would you say are on the album that you like?

I like a couple of songs that are on here.

Are you working with other producers?

I’m working