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Bitumen is a natural petroleum product that, under the right conditions, can be refined into oil from crude. Most bitumen produced today is crude used to provide natural gas or heating oil. In Canada, bitumen is primarily produced from the oil sands in Alberta.

Is bitumen a solid?

Bitumen, like oil, is a liquid, but it is a thick, solid, gas. Bitumen is one of the strongest naturally-occurring gases known on earth. It can be found in various forms in the earth’s crust, including shale, sandstone, gravel, and oil slick. Because of its density, it’s a very strong, but easy to transport gas.

What is bitumen?

Bitumen is a mixture of hydrogen and methane, two gases that make natural gas and oil. As well as making gas, it also becomes oil after being refined and used to create fuels for automobiles, oil wells, and transportation.

Do bitumen pipelines exist?

No. Although many oil refineries and other petroleum operations have oil pipelines to transport bitumen to refineries and other petroleum-based facilities, this type of crude oil is often not available for use in such operations due to poor geological and physical characteristics.

Many Canadian oil refineries and other petroleum facilities require special types of crude oil to service their operations. These kinds of barrels of oil typically contain an unusually high concentration of bitumen, which means refining these kinds of barrels of raw oil requires a great deal of resources and a significant amount of energy and machinery.

Some Canadian Oil refineries and other petroleum facilities are currently operating and refining synthetic crude. Synthetic crude is made from crude oil by using heavy hydrocarbons, such as oil shale, and is considered safer and more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based petroleum.

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Which Canadian provinces have pipelines to ship bitumen out of Alberta?

Bramalea and Leduc were two large facilities located west of Edmonton, Alberta. Bramalea was purchased by TransCanada in 2011 for $6.2 billion in order to begin the process of getting crude oil from Alberta to its global oil trading facilities on the Gulf Coast of the United States. Leduc is an oil-by-rail company that provides transportation services for oil from Calgary to its Canadian market, where it is shipped across the country to refiners in the United States.

How much bitumen does Canada produce?

By law, Canada only exports crude oil of its

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