How many hours can you sing?

When can you stop playing?

What do I need to do so I only play one song?

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What about when it’s a little chilly?

You don’t need to change the channel to tune in

All you need to do is tune in and the song will come on!

It’s also possible to set your computer to switch to something completely different. For example, if you’ve listened for hours to the same song, you could just change over to another artist like a rock band. Or, if you love a specific artist and the radio won’t play it, you can get it in another country to hear it on an MP3 player and then listen to it!

If you’re a rock star with more than 20 million followers on Twitter (that many if you’re not a celebrity) you should probably switch over to a service where it’s easier to find all your tunes.

The best option I found that’s both popular and easy to tune into was Spotify Radio, which lets you listen to music, browse through playlists and add tracks that you love.

How long can I listen to a song?

Your iPod can play anywhere between five minutes and 60 minutes of music, but you won’t get anywhere close to the same sound quality from a digital MP3 player.

As with all audio, the higher the loudness the better – so in the UK the highest volume would be about 88dB.

To put this into perspective, the loudest level you’ll ever be able to hear is a 40 dB speaker. It’s still about the same as a very bright mobile phone on a full blast or a car radio on full blast.

How high can I get my volume?

You can get a good idea of how loud your music will be by ear by just looking at how loud your headphones are.

Take a test and see how loud you are!

How important is volume?

So what does it matter about the volume on the radio that so many people hate it?

While it probably isn’t a great thing to let people know you’re listening to too much noise, it does help to spread the word about an artist – so more people will be playing.

For most of us, volume can’t hurt, but there are exceptions to that rule – especially if listening with headphones. For example, if you’re walking around London with headphones on, you really shouldn’t let too much