How many hours can you sing? – How To Learn Singing Notes Bavaro Punta

The rules in the UK state that it can be no heavier than two or three hours (a minimum), up to six hours at the peak, and six hours of total sleep. Some say you can sing until your head hurts (i.e. you are too tired to take notes) and still perform well.

How much can you really sing?

A good test of a person’s music talent comes in the form of their ability to solo through a piece. As of 2009, some studies have shown that the average female solo artist can sing just above a 90 in key, and some studies show that a male can sing around 110 on average.

How does one go about soloing a piece?

You play each note that appears in your sheet music (there is no right/wrong; if you want to play with yourself, go for It’s a long song) until you notice the right notes on your sheet. From there, you play the other notes on your sheet. If the notes aren’t coming out right (ie: they are missing the key), pause the music just before the first note that is missing and work it into your playing. (This is the same way you would work a tab to the best of your ability.) When you have found the notes you like, go over them all you can. Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit the rest of the music. You just need to know how to play them. After all, that’s what you’re supposed to do in order to play the piece! If nothing fits, then stop. Don’t get frustrated, just go try again in your area. As soon as you are starting to feel something is clicking, STOP. Stop and listen to your notes that you missed (they probably need to be played into a different key) until you get the note you were looking for. Once you get it, stop immediately and go play it again. Continue this process for each note as long as the section of music you are playing calls for it. Once you’re really feeling it, just go back to the beginning and pick up where you left off. Do this until you get the note.

So how does one find the right notes?

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