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Plywood is a great material to build and we believe that is our main reason for sourcing it. As plywood is made by hand, it has a high tolerance for the dimensional variations of wood and the variation in dimensions is a necessity for the proper construction of our products. There are few things that plywood won’t support and with the increase in plywood prices, it is essential to understand the potential variations and build in support through proper plywood construction.

Plywood has a unique construction that allows us to control the density, thickness and width of each sheet of our plywood and then place them together in a continuous pattern with no gaps or short cuts in the plywood. We use high-density plywood that is bonded together and is designed at the center of the sheet to meet a number of the requirements in the industry that a plywood product must meet. The standard thickness of our thick polyester plywood is approximately 14 mm/ 2 inch. This standard provides a durable and long lasting bond for long term building applications. Our standard thickness ensures strength and durability while minimizing the risk of cracking. The standard diameter, width and thickness in addition to quality standards dictate the quality of our plywood.

Plywood does not come in a large quantity and is usually limited to an order of 10,000 pieces so we do not stock a large quantity, however our large inventory allows us to offer the best prices per sheet with the best quality and the best selection and value.

Can we build plywood from other materials?

Not at any point. Our entire shop comes together with the materials we need and can build a product using them at no additional cost to us. However, we cannot substitute other materials for our materials.

What are the benefits of using plastic on plywood?

Plywood is a good material because it has a lot of strength and strength in combination. It also has a tendency to be a poor choice since the plastic provides poor contact properties and will not bond evenly to the plywood. We offer some great alternative options when building with plywood when choosing the right blend of plastic to match your needs.

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