How is pine tar made?

Pine tar is made from crushed pine needles that have been soaked in chloroform for several hours. During that time, the pine needles have been stripped of their sap, giving their oil a much richer color than if they had been soaked in distilled water.

How does pine tar get in our hair?

Peanut oil and animal fat are used to make pine tar, which is a natural oil derived from the sap of the pine tree. A few plants that are commonly used for oil production in the U.S. include the pecan tree, the yucca tree and the sunflower tree.

How does pine tar become airborne?

Pine tar becomes airborne when it’s heated in a chemical reaction with air when it is first applied to the hair. When the pine tar dries on the inside of the hair, it will stick to the hair and can become airborne. Peanut oil and animal fat also stick to hair and can become airborne.

How does pine tar get into people’s eyes and other skin areas?
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This problem does not happen very often and is more likely to occur in the hands of children and young people. Pine tar can also enter into skin by way of hands when it has been applied to the skin or to cuticles. In this way, pine tar may also be absorbed by the skin without being released.

If you have pine tar in your hair or clothing, stop using it right away. Wash your hands with soap and water immediately after using the product. Do not use to wash clothing or other items you may use to touch your skin. Use a lather sponge to remove the pine tar from any other items that you may wash.

If you see pine tar on your skin, immediately wash it with soap and water using a lather sponge to remove the pine tar from any other items that you may wash.

For any problems with exposure to pine tar or other products with pine tar, contact your healthcare provider or dermatologist or seek advice from the Environmental Health Clinic, Health Services Center, at University of Missouri Medical Center as soon as possible.

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