How do you sing in key?

I really like working out the chords. I like to sit at the piano and start singing at the speed of a guitar. I like to sing, and I like to play and play a whole bunch of chords at the same time, and that’s a good way to work out chords. If you have a vocal technique, you can sing a whole bunch of phrases. If not, then you can come up with some chords that are in tune and you can add them to the song and it sounds pretty good. That’s just something that I really love.

You’ve taken up jazz guitar.

I’d like to explore different styles of jazz a lot more. In my younger years I was a rhythm guitarist, and I wanted to play some other things for a while. I’d like to get back into that. I don’t really like to play things that are in the same style as I was playing them at that time. I don’t want to have to stick to a time period or have to play in the same way. I’d like to be open-minded to the way music is changing. It’s such an interesting time in music that I’m interested to play in.

Are you into all that jazz stuff?

Oh, I like jazz. But I also like to work a little more on the guitar. The way I’m doing it now is that I go to a lot of acoustic guitar lessons, and if you ask me what kind of guitar lessons or how do you learn to play an instrument, I’d go more into it now. But there’s no one way to do that.

What do you get from playing a lot of jazz guitar?

It’s fun to play. I get to practice with all the great players. You learn new things about the instrument and how to play it. You learn different things about yourself, and a lot of that comes from playing jazz guitar. It’s also nice to have more flexibility, or better rhythm than what you could do playing other instruments. You can go to a lot of different places with this instrument other than just on the piano.

So can you play an acoustic guitar solo, or is that kind of a thing that has to wait until later in your career?

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I mean, the piano solo is always in my heart, but you can’t really play that much in that way. You can play a lot of solos if you’re into it. A lot of people go to guitar lessons and