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How do you sing for advanced students? The great masters of jazz are masters of what? They sing so effortlessly, you don’t even have to be in a jam to be able to enjoy them…

“Take a breath” – by Jimi Hendrix

And then there are those who can “sing fast and hard” but not “to the beat.” In fact, I have even heard some guitarists “sing slow but fast.” (Which is, I am told, very un-American of them.)

Varnamala Geet Hindi Alphabet Song - YouTube
I’ve met many accomplished beginners who aren’t the greatest vocalists, but they do play and write music (even if it’s “just” a solo). They may not have “been to a great place” yet, but they’re doing fine and they’re singing (very successfully, even if “not to the beat”). So is there really any difference between someone who can sing well and someone who can’t?

The difference is probably in the training (which, at least in my experience, begins early on). If you want to be a great musician, the biggest thing you can change is how well you sing.

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