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The song “Do You Really Want Me?” is a bit of a departure from what I play on a daily basis. I want to see, in a song, how it progresses over time. So I think I’m a bit of a mystery person – I love to keep my song a secret from the public, but when I put it out, I want people to feel the song is so different from the kind of music that I’m normally into. So I listen to the song to see if things are getting worse, or if there’s a new thing that I could get into.

How do you write songs?

In the beginning, I start at my computer, and just read the lyrics out loud to myself. Then I find a few that I like, as I try to match the word with the melody, and then I add a few lyrics that will hopefully make sense to people.

Are you interested in music from the past? What are your favorite pop artists?

I really like the sound of classic rock and pop. My favorite bands include Aerosmith, The Bangles, the Smashing Pumpkins, and The Replacements.

What do you love the most about being a musician?

I love going into a venue and seeing people’s reactions to the music, and hearing how the crowd makes them feel and make them want to dance and smile more. It’s really emotional. And I think most performers want people to get swept up into their show. It’s so fulfilling being able to make a song a part of the experience.

I’m interested in hearing what kinds of questions you’re prepared to answer. Write us up.

We’re going to make this a quick introduction to some of the many changes and new features in the latest version of Emacs. It helps to know a bit about Emacs before you jump in.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with what happens here, a quick explanation

Editing Text – The editor.

Emacs is based on a very simple idea to keep things simple while still allowing the developer to edit the text they were working on in a sane, well-specified format. Emacs is based on a small set of conventions, which is the foundation of its editing experience.
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One of these conventions is the tab format, which basically represents the state of a tab in the editor.

A tab is the smallest group of characters that can be used as an address to go to the tab’s previous location.

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