How do you sing for beginners? – How To Sing Better For Beginners

This is one of the most important aspects, that will determine how quickly one can progress. I’ve had so many friends who have never sung before and are just starting out, who will sing the entire first few bars to see if they’re in top form, and then they’ll move on, but if they have a little bit of a fear and panic, then that’s when they’ll stop. It can be scary, but it helps to go around the room and see how everyone is doing. I always say that a beginner can sing all the time. The key is to have a plan, and a plan goes like this:

I make sure that if the person has any fear, then I’ll say, “Okay, I’ll sing for the first 1 to 3 bars as long as you don’t get scared, and then I’ll try to get out of it, and then I’ll try to sing again, but don’t get scared, even if you’re scared,” and this is something I’ve heard all my life, and it really helped my friends.

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If they’re really scared, and they’re not singing for myself, I’ll say to them, “You know what, I don’t think I can sing for the first 2 bars, do you want to sing for the first part for me?” They will just look at me and say, “Um, no. If what you’re saying is okay, then I’ll sing for the first part.”

This is a good general strategy for me, to always be able to put a plan in place. But the next step is to actually know that you’re afraid of that part. That’s why I do my training in one of these groups at my gym, and one of the first things we talk about and practice is the actual fear they’re having on stage. As soon as they hear me sing the entire first 3 steps, they are afraid. They can feel the weight of their nervousness, the tension they’re feeling. That way whenever I sing them on stage, they will know that it is going to be uncomfortable, they’ll definitely be nervous, because the nerves are very powerful on stage.

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