How do voices work?

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The voice works the same as a computer-generated voice, in that they are made by two separate parts of the brain. The first part of the brain, in which we use our vocal cords to generate the sounds, is located in our skull. The second part of the brain, which is responsible for voice recognition, is located in the temporal lobe of the brain above the occipital region.

What are the characteristics of a person’s voice?

A person’s voice comes from the lower part of his or her brainstem in a process known as the diathesis process or “lateralization” of speech (in other words, from the temporal region to the occipital region). Typically, speech goes through these three stages: the diathesis, diacritical, and canto.

When sounds (and their sounds) are produced, they are passed from the voice production portion of the brainstem (the part of the brain most responsible for sound production) to the frontal lobe (part of the brain that creates speech perception). As a result of this transfer of sound energy, one of the functions of the voice is to tell us what the sound represents. These three features are known collectively as “the language of speech” (or “the voice”). This is because one of the tasks of the brainstem voice production is to tell us not what the sound means but what the sound “means” — the meaning of the sound.

Why does a speech therapist use the voice in my case?

When we use an oral or written voice in our therapy and in our clinical work, we need to remember that we do not believe in “voices” per se. We speak to the “voice” of our patient. Thus, the voice therapist does not believe in the existence of a “voice”; rather, she believes in what she or he (the voice therapist) represents as a part of the self.

Why do people with hearing loss say “hearing voices” in relation to their difficulties?

Since speaking to the voice is something we are trained to do in a therapy session, the person with hearing loss believes that it is something that they can do and that they are able to listen to voices and to recognize voices. Hearing these voices, to them, are the voices of the “voice of the universe.”

How do I know what my voice sounds like?

One way in which people with hearing loss identify their voices is by listening to