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I have been asked a thousand times to perform at conventions – you can audition a few ways but generally you want to send the audition along with your material to a studio. I have to say that most of these people will be happy with that, but they will want to see the full songs. I’ve heard good things about recording your own material in a recording booth at the studio, however you’ll need to be able to get the sound of the songs through your phone to make sure you sound good.
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I’m a singer with no experience. What should I expect?

You can audition and audition some more. Most people will hire a professional for some time and have great expectations. Most will try to get you to record songs for a live performance, but it will often be a different band you’ll be doing it with. They will want to see if you can sing “good” songs, because some are written with the intention of just playing songs. They also want to see if you know how to work a mic, or some other skill. Most will want a professional to review your recordings and write you a contract.

If you are a “newbie” to voice acting, I would not give up. I’ve had people auditioning me on and off for over 3 years to do commercials. It takes time to learn how to be efficient when you are working in front of a mic. I like to write songs that people want to see, sing along with – I don’t try to do too much and just get the performance together. The funny thing is that you don’t learn the skills that you need to do the job until you get the job. So, if you do not have a voice or don’t have the experience, audition. You are more likely to get the job if you do.

Other people will just ask you questions. This can also be a good opportunity to get that “soul” into things. As a rule however, don’t talk about your personal stuff on audition days. This is a stage that you are in and you are trying to make it there.

There is always that one person who will ask questions you won’t quite know the answer to – a lot of us would not be so quick to answer. If this is the person, don’t fret too much – just keep in mind that they are likely not going through the motions. They may want someone who will make something special for them. If this is the case, then do whatever

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