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The easy way is simply to have another guitar player play a bass or piano riff you write. Make yourself a list of the main chord shapes and the main fingerings (for every major scale), and practice these with a band. Once a week, practice soloing over the chords:

Over a blues chord melody

Over a jazz chord melody

Over a pop chord melody

Over a reggae chord melody

Practice one at a time, until you have learned all those shapes and fingerings.

That’s all there is to it. That’s the only way you will get better at singing. Learn to sing along to the notes, even if you don’t understand the chord tones.

A quick note about the guitar riff: I don’t play it over the chords because I like the song. But it’s great to use some of my ideas, because they will help you. And I’ll show you how.

Why is playing the same notes on different key beats so hard?

Every key is different. Each has its own tone.

For example, try to play the notes C, C♯, and C, or some other chord.

It’s easy to use an empty note for a chord. But you will always use the most prominent note on the guitar keyboard, because each key is different. And the notes in the same key can look different.

Even if you know what tone to play in a particular key, this may not be the same note as what you just came up with over the chord you’re doing. So you just need practice playing the notes and your notes will get easier.

What is “mellow” or “blurry” sounds?

This is an important part of learning how to sing, because when you can distinguish between a note and an empty note, it helps you more than you know.

When you can sing along to a chord, you can play any note on your fretboard or in your voice. That’s because you can play any tone: the lowest, middle, highest, and every other note you need.

But when you can sing along to any note, you need to learn how to distinguish between one note and an empty note or some other tone. For example, you’ve got a lot of open strings on guitar, and you can play a few chords using those open strings.

If you just play one chord — say C — there isn

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