Does your singing voice get better with age?

I think it does because I had a really good teacher. And when you sing, that’s the job you have. You work hard and you do it until your voice falls into line.

You’d sing for the world?

For the world. I want to inspire people. All that singing you do, the only thing that’s hard is the rest. If you’re good, people want to be around you. You don’t have to worry about who’s going to laugh at you or what you’re going to say, you can just focus on the message.

How old is your oldest, oldest friend?

I don’t know. I have a little boy now who is 12, so I don’t know how old his parents are. But I know he’s older than my oldest. He’s really the same age as my two oldest. He has good manners, he’s a good person and he loves music. Just like my boys.

If you don’t like what you sing, who will teach you?

I don’t really like singing like that, so no one that I know has taught me.

How do you get yourself to sing well?

I have an open ear. If I can listen to other people that are making mistakes, and I can hear myself making mistakes in the song, that will push me to keep going, but also keep me focused and get me to sing like I really want to. It takes a ton of practice.

You need to get a good head of hair, right?

I do. I like having my hair cut.

What’s your favorite restaurant in New York City?

I got a hotdog stand in Midtown, and every day I go there.

Is it always busy?

Every day it’s busy.

If you had to choose, what did you do for a living before becoming a singer as a hobby?

I was a teacher. A very well-respected teacher. I was a music teacher. And a teacher of a whole group, one song a time and not really going out with anybody. I really liked the process. I like getting up and singing like an angel. And sometimes, we were in groups and I did some really good stuff. But it was mostly just going to school, going to the gym and making ends meet. I liked going to school. I really wanted to be an opera singer, but I didn’t