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[Hearing the question, Natsuka smiled, “There have been many instances where I’ve gotten better at singing. I can still sing with my singing voice, that’s all that matters. No matter how old I get, my singing voice will still be mine! It’ll only get better.”]


While that was something you always wanted to say, Natsuka’s voice didn’t change in any way and instead became louder and louder.

Seeing that, I couldn’t help but be surprised as well.

Looking at how I couldn’t stop Natsuka’s singing as she kept increasing, I felt a bit uncomfortable as if trying to stop her would probably be a death wish. If I kept listening, it might become a curse.

“That’s amazing, Natsuka.”

As I said that, Natsuka smiled and looked downcast.

“Ah, that’s right. If I’m not here, I’m dead!”

In the end, I couldn’t stop her.

While continuing to sing I watched her change her eyes and mouth while her singing.

My eyes slowly fell to her body part before I realized.

She’s a woman who uses both hands.

She’s a young, healthy woman who’s been in a state of being ‘born in the hospital’.

She’s just like the other girls in the school. If I had a mother, or a father, they would definitely be watching over me. The ones in the hospital would be there to make sure I don’t die as well.


My hand that didn’t have anything on me started trembling.

I tried to say something, but there was no way I could have been able to express anything that might go against Natsuka.

“You’re not just going to sing about killing me!”

I tried to stop her, but I couldn’t even catch a breath of air while holding her in my arms. To the point where my voice barely carried, even to the point where I was crying.
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“That’s right! I won’t die!”

She continued to sing without even slowing down. My throat wouldn’t cooperate at all, but it was only a small tear. After I couldn’t even catch breath anymore, the song stopped as if nothing was happening anymore.

What I felt inside was a sensation of being lost, helpless and hopeless

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