Does your singing voice get better with age?

Does your singing voice grow stronger? Does your singing voice not sound any better? The problem with all of this is that there exist a lot of songs which sound great for a person like 20 years old. But when you get to be 50, you can’t listen to that music anymore. That’s why I’m going to ask if you could tell me how you’ve changed your voice over the years.

Answer: I’ve heard lots of people say on the web that they heard my voice and they really changed their songs. But if you asked me how I’ve changed my singing voice, I’d probably say “I’ve changed my voice because I’ve learned to change the way I sing.” That’s pretty simple. That is a very simple way to learn singing. You have to train your voice because singing is just a lot of repetition. You just kind of sing the same notes for a long time. But if you change your voice because you’ve learned to sing something, you will probably sing it a little better then before. You’re more aware of that because you’ve started doing it, and then you just get to hear the difference. When I started out, I didn’t practice as much. If somebody gave me the sheet music from The Beatles’ “Revolution 9,” I’d sit down and try to sing it from memory and not sing it wrong. That’s the first time I had ever actually got a record for myself. I hadn’t heard any songs before.

Q: What is the secret to a successful singing career? Are you still in touch with your father? Have you played with him recently?

Answer: I don’t know if I’ve heard from him or not since I left California. He and I were on the phone to the other night. I said, “I’d love to play you my guitar.” I think he’s probably in California. He’d like to go, too. Maybe he was on that Beatles tour that was going on in the late ’60s. There was another band there, so maybe he saw it too. Probably the band that played was The Beatles. They were playing that album, “The Day The World Went Away.” And I knew the Beatles at that point because they were friends. I was a big fan of those guys before I learned about them.

I’ve got a lot of old books about people learning how to work their voices and make a living singing with them. Some of those guys got into the recording business and were really very successful