Do vocal nodules hurt? – How To Learn Sight Singing Online Free

A: I have had patients who have experienced vocal nodules that have had their voice cut off. These cases could be referred to a physician for treatment, although it is not common, since it is hard to diagnose.


Q: How long does pain exist?

A: It can last anywhere from 30 seconds to several hours. In some cases, the pain may be mild.


Q: Does my throat feel raw?

A: Yes, you may experience pain or irritation.


Q: Did my voice hurt?

A: Yes, it can hurt just to make sound, especially if you do not have good airway control.


Q: Are there any treatments?

A: There are currently no surgical treatments for vocal nodules. Many patients who are having a vocal nodule may need to undergo speech therapy. A few clinical trials are examining the effects of voice transplantation on patients who are experiencing vocal nodules. However, so far those studies have not been able to find any benefit for long term care, so it will be several years before these trials are completed.


Q: What is happening to my voice?

A: It feels like a pin prick. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it does not. It depends on the length of time you have had the vocal nodule and if the pain was caused by the nodule. In some cases the pain is caused by a clot or scar.


Q: If I am undergoing voice surgery, how do I know which voice transplant clinic I should be going to?

A: You must talk to the voice and speech pathologist for

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