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Vocal nodules can be hurt by breathing out too loud. If you have a large vocal fry, you may find the vocal fry pain is not noticeable when you sing. Instead, your singer can feel a ringing sensation in the throat. If you have a nasal vocal fry, a similar ring may be heard in the back of the throat and sometimes the vocal folds can be irritated.

How common is vocal fry?

Vocal fry is often as common as balding in Australia. In 2014, nearly 20 per cent of Australians aged 10 to 34 were affected by vocal fry.

Vocal fry is also common in other Asian countries. Researchers have found that in China, Hong Kong and Japan, it is one of the major causes of poor voice quality.

What causes vocal fry?

There are several potential causes of vocal fry.

One possibility for vocal fry is that your vocal folds are inflamed, such as when they have got a lump.

You may also have:

A low birth weight due to early delivery

A low birth weight due to prolonged gestation
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A lower jaw structure such as that of a newborn baby – the head and chin are too small to support their chin

A poor diet or a low-frequent diet may also be related to vocal fry.

How can I prevent vocal fry?

For starters, get checked:

First you should look under the chin when you sing. You should have an upper lip between the front teeth and a lower lip between the back teeth, to prevent your chin from moving while singing.

When you sing, your tongue and the front tongue should be on the roof of the mouth, so that when you breathe out, the air pushes you forwards, to keep you singing and keeping your chin up.

You will need a special pair of spectacles to view your speech through. If you don’t have the spectacles, then you need to use a speakerphone or a headset that has a microphone.

Your doctor may also advise to have a voice exam in one of Brisbane’s leading voice studios. These are licensed professionals who specialize in vocal surgery and vocal therapy, all of the latest techniques to correct vocal fry. They can give you a diagnosis, or ask you questions about your symptoms.

Your doctor may also recommend a speech pathologist to make sure that if vocal fry is caused by another problem that is also affecting your voice, your voice will always be in

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