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Some, but don’t get it twisted: They are never meant to hurt.

“It’s a great way to learn a new song,” says Binkley, who started the practice about four years ago as a way to help a group of friends who had heard him sing but didn’t know how well or what to do.

His patients, mostly high school students, learn by ear — “so I’d call my mom and say, ‘I’m going to sing this and my mom’s going to say, ‘OK good, let’s hear it.'”

Binkley uses a voice-recognition device to train them, and then asks them to record a song they’ve already recorded and then try to copy the vocal quality from the recording, with the hope that they would eventually master it like a songwriter.

“It’s not a lot of practice, but it is a lot of practice,” Binkley says. “You’re just giving a piece of your life back to music. You’re learning.”

And he says it works.

“When I get my students interested in singing, there have been lots of times I’ve heard them do so well they could easily do it their whole life,” he says.

But as long as Binkley keeps his clients motivated and motivated, the practice will continue. He’s considering expanding his practice.

The White House on Friday said that President Trump believes he could have fired FBI Director James Comey better.

“I think that the best answer would have been to let James Comey go,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer said. “It was the right thing to do at the time.”

His comments came just hours after Trump told NBC News’ Lester Holt that there would have been “no justice” if Comey had stayed on.

“I thought when he was [FBI boss], he was a real asset to us,” Trump told Holt. “Just remember that.”

On Friday, Trump defended Comey’s decision not to mention the Russia investigation in his letter to lawmakers announcing his dismissal on Tuesday — an indication that he felt Comey was trying to protect him from the media, rather than to keep the investigation open.

Spicer suggested the president’s belief that his firing of Comey could have been handled better by Comey’s deputy — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — was borne out by a conversation Trump had with Comey on Thursday about the Russia probe.

“He thought that he could have handled

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