Do females have falsetto? – How To Learn Singing Notes Low To High Chart

[8:33:06 PM] thefonz46: No [8:33:14 PM] thefonz46: There’s a huge gulf between these two things [8:33:42 PM] joe.lambo: if they do [8:33:44 PM] joe.lambo: that would be a shame [8:35:12 PM] joe.lambo: as far as I can remember there was a very obvious distinction, and most female singers of the mid to late 80s were not falsetto. And in the mid to late 80s many of the women singers who sang in the 80s are a lot more likely to have falsetto. I think it was the late 80s when the big boom of falsetto started. The late 80s had a lot more hits made with female voices.

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[9:32:03 PM] joe.lambo: my friend was an early 20s girl who sang and did vocal tracks for a while there in the early 90s [9:32:17 PM] joe.lambo: and he did a ton of work with her [9:32:26 PM] joe.lambo: some of them were for her label [9:33:19 PM] thefonz46: Wow [9:33:40 PM] thefonz46: I’m not sure what you mean [9:33:47 PM] thefonz46: Not as much as you’d think [9:33:51 PM] thefonz46: Because of one of our fav female singers [9:34:00 PM] thefonz46: I got married shortly after she died but I’d seen her a few times since then [9:36:34 PM] thefonz46: The thing was the girl I married was my musical hero [9:36:37 PM] thefonz46: I was just really into the music she was singing [9:36:42 PM] thefonz46: even without that background [9:36:45 PM] thefonz46: she was good music but it took everything away [9:37:08 PM] thefonz46: when she died. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad or sadder for anyone. [9:37:10 PM] joe.lambo: yeah it was a lot of emotions for

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