Do females have falsetto? – How To Learn Singing Indian Songs

That’s good. It’s good in a song and it’s great if you sing in falsetto. But it is not an integral part of my singing voice. (laughs)

A: What about the sound of that voice? When I listen to it through headphones (laughs) – a lot of people find it to be quite nasal, like you have a high-pitched, nasal-ey note in your voice. Is that the way it’s used?

B: No, it’s just me. (laughs) No, my voice is too high pitched, so when I sing high and the vocal cords swell it’s very nasal. I do sing in falsetto when I sing rock’n roll songs. As long as I sing in falsetto, I can sing my songs!

A: Are you a fan of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame?

B: Oh… you know… I’ve never been a very serious Hall-of-Famer. You have to go to the Hall of Fame to know what it means and to get there, but, yes, that’s the real thing.

A: You also recently performed in a concert for the Chinese New Year festival. Are there any particular songs that you like singing?

B: Well, we’re only doing a very short tour this year, so it’s all Chinese songs and songs we sing in Japan (laughs). Some of them are very well known in Japan, but I sing them in English on Japanese recordings, so it’s fun doing both.

A: When you go to perform in Japan you have some very famous rock performers like Megurine Luka, Jun Naoto, and the others. How do they help you in your performance?

B: They definitely help me when I sing Chinese songs. (laughs)

A: What’s your own favorite song?

B: I can’t go into my favorite song, though. That might be a problem. I usually use my favorite song when I sing a country song and try and capture their atmosphere.

A: So when you have a song that’s popular among the Chinese, then you will probably be able to sing it in English there… (laughs).

B: Yeah. I like to sing pop songs that have Chinese lyrics, like “I Want to be a Lady” or “China’s Woman”, and it’s fun to sing this stuff.


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