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Cara Maria and her family take the singing class in the summer. It is called “Mamas and Papas” and is about raising your baby baby.

What do you want to do when you hit 40?

Cara Maria and her sister are already married and want to get hit by a car when they get hit 40. They can’t have children, so they have been looking into gene therapy to make them kids.

What is your dream job?

Cara Maria and her father want to open a spa and she’s already married and has two children.

How are your kids doing today?

Cara Maria has a daughter who was born just one month before her grandmother died. Her son has a daughter who was just two months old when he was born. She and her father are raising them.

The family lived in a house in Los Angeles and now they own their own home in New York.

As it did when it passed its historic budget in May, the Ontario government is set to cut a staggering $11 billion from its 2016 budget and balance the budget in 2017 – that’s not all.

Here’s what the budget will say:

Ontario is expected to balance the budget in 2017 with a tax hike and $7.3 billion from asset sale — but the government will run a deficit for the rest of the fiscal year.

The province is also expected to run a surtax on those earning over $150,000 and will also have to borrow $3.1 billion from Ottawa and the federal government.

The government expects net debt would rise to $35.6 billion when all the expenses are taken into account, but it is still going to get another surplus of $10 billion in 2017 – it’s just not how it planned to do it.

New spending on health care won’t be funded via savings.

Ontario will make less in sales taxes and HSTs in 2017.

A plan to make life easier on home residents isn’t funded — the government is making changes “to ensure the quality of care in those facilities continues to improve and that home care remains the safest place for residents,” the statement from Finance Ministry spokeswoman Ashley Burke says.

The province also plans to increase the maximum allowable credit amount by $2,500 from $10,000 to $13,500 so that residents can continue to get extra cash for medical bills.

The statement also notes there will be

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