Can you learn to sing in 6 months?

I did and I think it’s because the school taught the kids how to play a lot better when they started, and I learned that I was on their team. My teachers know that I could have never got back where I was for the past four years, if it weren’t for my sister. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. [Laughs]

What is different about being black and female on the music scene?

I’ve been asked about that a lot – ‘Oh, you have to change. We need more female artists.’ I’m doing my best just as I’m doing on the songs I’ve made, singing and rocking as much as I can. [Laughs]

Have you considered any other routes or other career options?

Maybe in a couple of years. I’m doing well and I’m getting the recognition and that’s what I’m really interested in. I think it’s more a question about success than where to go. I think I always want to make music that’s bigger than myself. I’m not like the person who thinks the music I make is bigger than the person I am. I never say, ‘I wish I were like this girl.’ I’m just me.

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Budgie Linux v1.18.8 Released

We are pleased to announce that the Budgie Linux 1.18.8 Beta has been released to the distribution. Beta 1 brings a few new features, as well as some bug fixes.

New Features

Budgie Linux is now using SUSE’s openQA system by default. Previously, Budgie used a pre-configured system that was not quite good enough from a bug reporting/bugsolving perspective. The new version of Budgie also has an openQA system built in, which allows for the full testing and deployment of the package. You can also run the package locally as a test, or if you prefer you can copy over the binaries there. The new version is available in Beta 1.

Several other improvements have been made, both